Sustainable Finance

Integrated Advisory and Support

With its expertise spanning both the environment and finance sectors, CCA is able to offer a unique and bespoke service as a Green Finance Integrated Advisor. We are committed to support, promote and assist in the development of green finance in the region, whether this involves green bonds, green loans, green financial institutions, equities, or assisting project owners to develop investor-facing standards for green projects.

Solutions for Issuers

We help issuers to

  • formulate a green project selection process with evaluation criteria
  • establish management and control mechanisms for proceeds based on international standards
  • evaluate potential environmental benefits
  • conduct periodic reviews and compile performance reports

We help issuers to

  • evaluate against the green bond framework
  • verify the project against a designated set of criteria e.g. Climate Bonds Initiative standards
  • conduct annual compliance reviews to ensure alignment with the Green Bond Framework
  • conduct an external review of project impacts
As an Approved Verifier of the London-based Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) under its Climate Bonds Standard & Certification Scheme, CCA is qualified to provide climate bond verification services throughout Asia and in the sectors of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, low carbon buildings and water infrastructure. Our verification provides assessment of the eligibility and readiness of related projects at the pre-issuance stage, as well as assurance of the actual use of proceeds and internal systems and controls at the post-issuance stage.

Solutions for Investors

Green finance is driven by investors, lenders and insurers who understand the financial advantages, market opportunities and reduced risks from climate-aware projects. Whether the investing is focused on equities, fixed income or specific projects, CCA can provide financial institutions with sustainable investment advisory in the Asian region to:

  • develop investment strategies
  • construct investment universes
  • conduct portfolio analysis
  • assess impacts and risk

CCA is among the few organizations in the green finance arena who have developed criteria to evaluate potential green investments against the full range of ESG issues set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This helps to ensure green projects operate in a way which does not run counter to any of the SDG targets. We can assess whether the projects make a positive contribution to the environment, human development, good governance and equitable growth in line with the commitments made by national governments to the UN goals.

Indices & Screening

When creating sustainable financial indices, CCA aims to fill observed market gaps and enabling the growth of the green finance market in Asia. CCA provides customized index solutions based on high-quality databases and proprietary methodologies. Each index is developed to tackle specific sustainability issues and uses screening and ranking to reward the best practitioners and to ensure high integrity.

Our Indices

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